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Marketing Introduction

This 4 minutes long video is make to introduce the viewer about marketing. You will learn what marketing is, what involves in marketing, and how you may start your career in marketing.
2nd Nov 2021


Product is the first P of Marketing Mix (4Ps). You will learn about "Product" in this 3:30 minutes long video.
9th Nov 2021


Price is the second P of Marketing Mix (4Ps). You will learn about how price are being tagged, how it is vital for competition in the market and the expectation of consumers relating to the price of a product and its value in this 5 mins long video.
16th Nov 2021


You will learn about 3rd P of marketing mix, promotion, and five basic elements of "promotional mix" in this 4:20 mins long video.
23th Nov 2021


You will learn the last P of marketing mix (4Ps) in this 2 minutes video.
30th Nov 2021

The Extended Marketing Mix (7Ps)

The extended marketing mix, also known as 7Ps, is developed for service industry. The 3Ps of People, Process and Physical Evidence is also referred to as "service mix".
7th Dec 2021

The Extended Marketing Mix - Part 2

You will learn about Process and Physical Evidence of 7Ps in this video.
14th Dec 2021

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